Thanks for reading this…

For a while I have had the idea of asking people to take photo’s at exactly 11:11:11 am (local time) on November 11th this year.

True to form, and the chaos that I call life, I have left this very late – but who knows what might happen.

The idea is simple: take a photo of wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing at the date & time suggested.

Comment on this blog, linking it to a website you have loaded it onto, or mail it to me here: photo11.11.11 (at)

The photo copyright will remain yours, although I reserve the right to download it onto this site – so please include any credits you wish to be acknowledged. If there are lots of photos, I’d like to explore getting them set up at the next E17 Art Trail, but there is plenty of time for that..

Of course, please obtain the permission of anyone who is identifiable in the photo.